leadership team

Vista Ridge UMC Servant Leadership Council - 2022

  • Lead Pastor (ex-officio/non-voting)

    Rev. Ashley Anne Sipe

  • Lay Leader (ex-officio)

    Stephen Greenwade

  • Lay Member to the Annual Conference (ex-officio)

    Angie Christoffersen

  • Relationship with God Team Leader

    Claudia Rose

  • Relationship with Each Other Team Leader

    Hillarye Hightower

  • Relationship with the Community Team Leader

    Carolyn Simpson

  • Chair of Trustees

    Javier Saenz

  • At Large (finance representative)

    Barry Sykes

  • At Large (SPRC representative)

    Dianna King

  • At Large

    Susan Francis

  • At Large

    Robin Wright

  • At Large

    Tiffany Harlow

  • Business Administrator (staff liasion/non-voting)

    Bill Burden

Servant Leadership Council

Meeting Minutes

Servant Leadership Council meeting minutes will be available for download below.