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Let’s turn to the Gospel of Luke and look at one of the very first stories of Jesus speaking out about who he really is. Some are excited to learn…


January 23, 2022
Let’s look at the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee. Last week, the partygoers were blessed by Jesus’ power but what happens when he visits the religious elite?
As soon as Christmas is over, we already know who the Christ Child will become. However, let’s go back to when Jesus was the “New Kid on the Block” and…

Named and Claimed

January 9, 2022
The 12-day Christmas season is coming to a close as we celebrate Epiphany. As the Magi followed the star to reach the manger, how might we continue that journey today?

Have a Holy New Year

January 2, 2022
We always hear “Have a Happy New Year,” but happiness isn’t something we can always control. So, at Vista Ridge, we are saying “Have a Holy New Year!” If we…

Let There Be Love

December 19, 2021
Talking about love can be tricky around the holidays. Some can be found lovestruck during Christmas while others can be heartbroken remembering lost or unrequited loves of the past. As…

Let There Be Joy

December 12, 2021
There is magic all around us during this season. There is the wonder of children. There is the reunion of families. There is even the surprise gift from a loved…

Let There Be Peace

November 28, 2021
Dr. Ron Henderson begins the Advent season with a message about peace. Rev. Henderson served as superintendent of the North Central District for eight years before being named Director of…

What Do You Say?

November 21, 2021
We have a propensity to take the blessings from God we receive for granted and not show an appropriate measure of gratitude. We need to work on recognizing the blessings…

Thanking God

November 14, 2021
The Apostle Paul was grateful for the church at Philippi, not because their journey was always easy, but because they were on the journey together.