Releasing God's Blessings 2023 Stewardship

Annual Giving Opportunity

Throughout scripture, we are taught various ways to let go of our control over the earth, one another, and even God. We are shown how to live by faith. Faith is the central practice of our relationship with the Divine. To live by faith is to live in a constant season of release! So, we come to this time of the year when we remember that part of our faith is to release the blessing of our finances to the Kingdom of God.

Please pray about what you can give to be ALL IN so we can live out our mission to grow deep, grow wide, grow strong and thrive in joyful community. If we all released a portion of our blessings back to God, we will surely live out our mission and experience growth in our ministries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Christian faith continually points us to love God and love our neighbor. Our faith journey, while it is life-giving to us, is not about us. Giving as a spiritual discipline helps you learn to rely on and trust God. Similarly, it helps us move away from self-centeredness to thinking about and caring for others. Giving requires intentionality and self-sacrifice.

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