Why Church?

August 11, 2019
Why Church? There are plenty of reasons to brush off church and yet the universal church, when it knows its “Why,” is a training ground for living out Jesus’ commandments…

Why Jesus?

August 4, 2019
Why Jesus? Out of all the people or things to follow in this world, why follow Jesus? Jesus was a revolutionary teacher—teaching servant leadership, radical love, and peace in the…


July 28, 2019
When the Christian community is safe, vulnerable, and generous we experience salvation for ourselves and the community around us. Will you help us foster that community?

Coworkers with God

July 14, 2019
God is working to do something good and holy. Are we coworkers with God? Do we have synergy with God? The God who created us invites us to be co-creators…

Running the Race

July 7, 2019
Pastor Clay tells us how we can use our cloud of witnesses as we run the race, fixing our eyes on Jesus and growing our faith journey.