A Word from Pastor Clay | February 13, 2020

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Love Your Enemies

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” These are some of the most powerful words ever spoken. When Jesus shared these words with his followers, he set the bar pretty high for us. They are extremely difficult, but if we can try to practice them, then we take steps towards showing the Kingdom of … More

A Word from Pastor Clay | February 3, 2020

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Holy Nudge

Do you ever have one of those holy nudges? Do you have those nudges in your heart that make you think, “I should do ____” or “I think God needs me to ____.”? I have those nudges sometimes. I also have a confession. Sometimes I get those nudges from the Holy Spirit and I get excited about doing … More

A Word from Pastor Clay | January 18, 2020

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When We See Evil, Look for God

Some evil is so bad, so atrocious, it catches us off guard and stops us in our tracks. Some types of evil, such as ransomware, shut down our internet, computers, and files, and literally stop us in our digital tracks. On Sunday, our church suffered from a ransomware attack. It shut down our … More

A Word from Pastor Clay | January 9, 2020

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UMC Separation Proposal

As many of you have heard, a new protocol to an agreement on separation for The United Methodist Church has been proposed. I addressed it briefly Sunday and I’ll address it briefly here. As I read the proposal, I breathed a sigh of relief because it feels like a step forward in a situation that has seemed … More

A Word from Pastor Clay | December 3, 2019

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Sitting with the Gift of Faith

In worship on Sunday, we unwrapped the gift of faith. The gift of faith paves the way for us to experience the ultimate gift of Christ. We explored Mary’s gift of faith, recognizing that while she was living in a dark world, her gift of faith allowed her to take steps forward and to … More