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Vista Kids

Bring your children to church on Sunday to explore and learn about God’s love for them. Parents are invited to Connection Time at 10 a.m. in Rooms 108-109.

Sunday Experience | 10 a.m. | Rooms 103-104

Join in the fun on Sunday mornings for a lesson, activities, and games based on our worship series, Prophet Margins. Children’s Sunday School will be completing their series on the Prophets! They will be talking about the story of Nehemiah and how he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. Their emphasis will be on the fact that because of God, they can feel valued.

Children’s Chat and Children’s Church | 11 a.m.

All children are invited to 11 a.m. worship, which will include a special time to chat. Afterward, they are invited to join in Children’s Church with Colin for an age-appropriate message and activity. Children’s Church will be exploring the story of Jonah. They will enjoy a fun craft too. Child pickup is in Room 104.

Children’s Activity Bags | Before the start of worship, be sure to visit the Children’s Worship Corner at the back of the sanctuary and fill a bag with activities for your children.