Calling All Creatives for Whoville House Making!

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youth making Whoville house

We know we have some creative families among us! To prepare for the upcoming Advent season, we are in need of homemade Whoville houses and buildings to decorate our church.

Individuals can make a Whoville house, gather your small group together or it can be a family Thanksgiving weekend project. Following are some details to help with the project.


  1. Structures should be no taller than 6 feet and no shorter than 3 feet. They should be no wider than 5 feet but can be very narrow if you like.
  2. They can be constructed of cardboard, carved foamboard, plywood, or other thin but sturdy materials. Color it with paint, fabric, colored paper, etc. Be creative and use materials you already have on hand!
  3. No need to build a 3-D structure that has any interior components or working doors, etc. Flat two-dimensional buildings are fine. However, Whoville buildings do need to come with a support structure/base so they can stay upright on their own or be so lightweight that they can be attached to a wall.
  4. Whoville generally is very colorful and unique in design. Hardly any straight lines are found in Whoville architecture. The building you make could be a home for your Whovillian family or perhaps the post office, toy shop, town hall, or anything you can imagine! Need ideas for inspiration? Check out Barbara Sepdham’s Pinterest board:
  5. These buildings will be part of our Advent and Christmas Eve experience and will be decorated by our actors with lights, wreaths, and other decorations during the children’s Christmas Eve service. They will be displayed in the Welcome Center and sanctuary throughout the month of December.

Email [email protected] if you can make a Whoville house. Bring your creations to the church by Sunday, November 27.