Birthday Kit Collection

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Birthday Kits

Thanks to your generous Birthday Kit donations this month, VBS Director Barbara Sepdham and Rev. Ashley Anne will be “ICEDD” (In Christ Every Day is Delicious) on Sunday, June 26, as part of our Taste and See Bakery Vacation Bible School wrap-up. Stay after 11 a.m. worship to watch the festivities!

Sunday will be the last day to donate toward the Birthday Kit challenge that benefits our community partner Christian Community Action. Items to make a kit include the following:

  • 9” x 13” foil pan with plastic lid
  • Boxed cake mix (white, yellow, vanilla, and lemon flavors work best)
  • Tub of frosting
  • Package of birthday candles
  • 12-ounce can or bottle of lemon-lime soda (Sprite/7 Up)

Thank you to everyone who has contributed this month. What a great way to serve our community and have fun too!