White Fragility Book Study | Begins January 2021

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White Fragility

During the past year, we have all read the headlines and seen the news images featuring race relations in our country. It seems that centuries of prejudices and behaviors that remained barely visible came to the glaring light. As people of faith, we know racial injustice is not part of God’s desire for us, but we’re not sure how to make things right.

One way to begin making things right is to have conversations. We can ask questions about perceptions and listen to others’ points of view. For months, Vista Ridge’s United Against Racism group has met weekly to confront the evil of racism in discussions. We will continue in the New Year with a five-week study of Robin DiAngelo’s 2018 book, White Fragility.  

Beginning Wednesday, January 13, participants will meet on Zoom from 7-8 p.m. to discuss about two chapters (approximately 30 pages) of DiAngelo’s book per week. Jackie Lamb and Angie Christoffersen will lead the discussion. Everyone is invited to join in this conversation.  

Prior to the first virtual gathering, participants are asked to sign up for the study (link below), secure a copy of the book, and read the introduction and first two chapters. White Fragility is available in ebook and physical copy formats on the sites of most major booksellers, such as Amazon.  

Come take part in God’s work to promote social justice in our community.