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Do You Have It? Does Your Listing Need Updating?

Just a reminder that the online church directory is a great resource to help stay in touch with your church family while we continue our at-home worship.

Don’t have access? Simply use one of the instruction sheets below to download the free Instant Church Directory app on your mobile phone or login to the website. Your email needs to be listed in the church directory to obtain access since it is not available to the public. If you’d like to be added to the online church directory, email [email protected].

Please take a minute to check the directory to ensure that your contact information is accurate.

  • Have you moved or changed your email address?
  • Have you discarded home phone service? Is your mobile phone number part of your listing?
  • What about the photo? Changed your hair style or have new glasses? Have a new family photo you like? Have your kiddos grown? Do we have a photo? Want a new one?
  • Are your birthday and wedding anniversary listed?

Email photos and information updates to [email protected]. And please reach out for needed technical assistance.

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