Make a Book Reading Video for Rockbrook Students

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reading a book

Do you love to read? Do you love to read to children? Vista Ridge, we have an opportunity to read to students at Rockbrook Elementary who are home the remainder of the school year because of COVID-19.

Simply record yourself reading a children’s picture book with your phone or tablet (horizonal view is better). The story doesn’t have to be long. It needs to be age appropriate for a kindergarten through second-grade student. Because of the size of the recording, it is best to load the video on your Google Drive and provide access to Ashley Vanderwater, Rockbrook CIS Coordinator, at [email protected]. She will forward the videos to the students.

If you don’t have any children’s books at home, the Lewisville Public Library has about 250 of them that can be checked out online. Don’t have a library card? They will issue Denton County residents a temporary library card after completing this short form.

For technical assistance, use this link or email [email protected]. This is a quick, fun, and thoughtful way to support our community partner!