A Word from Pastor Clay | March 19, 2020

PastorPastor's Blog


Has your life sped up or slowed down over the past week or two? For some people, myself included, the world has changed and therefore the way we do ministry, work, etc. has changed. Teachers and professors are scrambling to create an education plan. Business leaders are shifting strategies and meetings to allow all their workers to telecommute, not just part-time, but full time. Ministry workers are exploring ways to connect with people solely online. We’re designing new things, experimenting, researching, etc. I know my own mind has trouble shutting off sometimes because of the excitement of all the new things our church can try during this time. My world has certainly sped up and I wonder if yours has as well.

For others, their world has slowed down. Errinne’s dental office is closed for the next several weeks and she finds her normal routine shattered. She looks at an empty calendar and wonders what in the world she’ll do with the kids while we are stuck at home for weeks on end. A number of people can’t go into work. A number of people can’t socialize. A number of people can’t get out and about and maintain their normal routines and what lies in front of them is a daunting, empty canvas.

So what do we need during this time? I think it ends up being the same thing whether we are running around like crazy (figuratively speaking of course) or whether we feel stuck inside some brick walls with a clock that is ticking at half pace. I think we need to notice God in the midst of our daily lives. Perhaps there are some holy moments to notice.

If your world has sped up like mine has, I wonder if we can find God in change and innovation? Can we notice the places where the Holy Spirit is working and doing something new? Can we lean on the ultimate creator to help us create? Can we seek wisdom and guidance from above instead of from within? AND, at the same time, can we slow down just a bit? Can we recognize that we too have an opportunity to rest perhaps just a bit more than normal if we let ourselves?

If your life has slowed down, (or if you’re busy and you’ll try to slow down with me) perhaps we’ll choose to watch the sunrise from our porch instead of from our windshield, and in doing so, we’ll notice the signs of God’s new life all around, from the new buds on the trees, to the bees doing their important work.

Perhaps we’ll build some awesome, living room forts with our kids and enter into a world of imagination. Perhaps we’ll make memories during this strange time that our kids will look back on with joy years after we’re gone from this earth.

Perhaps we’ll make those phone calls to friends and loved ones we too often neglect. Perhaps we’ll find a sense of holiness in the normal routines of a simple life. Monks and nuns have done this for years. Perhaps we’ll create a little more time to learn a new prayer practice, read a book, and practice self-care. Perhaps in doing this, we will notice that God is with us through it all.

Whether our lives have sped up or slowed down, or whether they are somehow a weird mixture between the two, I pray that we can each notice God in the midst of our daily lives.