A Word from Pastor Clay | January 9, 2020

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UMC Separation Proposal

As many of you have heard, a new protocol to an agreement on separation for The United Methodist Church has been proposed. I addressed it briefly Sunday and I’ll address it briefly here. As I read the proposal, I breathed a sigh of relief because it feels like a step forward in a situation that has seemed extremely gridlocked. It is a step in allowing congregations to more fully minister to all people while creating space for pastors and congregations to live out their theological convictions. I was also relieved that the UMC that I know and love, while it might be splitting, will not be undergoing a dramatic change from a local church perspective.

While there is hope in this proposal, at this point, it is just a proposal. Nothing will be voted on until May and there is certainly a chance that details will change and what is brought to the floor in May at General Conference will look different than the current proposal. I say that not to ignore the details of the proposal, but to acknowledge that I feel our time and attention must be directed to our mission of building life-giving relationships with God, with each other, and with our community.

Over the next three weeks in worship, we will explore the theme of “2020 Vision: Seeing Through God’s Eyes.” If we can start seeing ourselves, our church, the community, and the world through God’s eyes, we will be prepared to walk in step with God wherever God leads us. We need God’s vision and direction in all things.

Please read Bishop McKee’s response to the proposal. His response also includes links to the proposal. In the upcoming months, as opportunities to communicate with the North Texas Conference Delegates who will vote at General Conference are made available and as more details are solidified, we will keep you updated. Until then, let’s continue to fall deeper in love with God and our neighbor daily.