A Word from Pastor Clay | February 3, 2020

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Holy Nudge

Do you ever have one of those holy nudges? Do you have those nudges in your heart that make you think, “I should do ____” or “I think God needs me to ____.”? I have those nudges sometimes. I also have a confession. Sometimes I get those nudges from the Holy Spirit and I get excited about doing something for God, but then I get nudged, maybe even pulled, in a different direction. Sometimes life gets in the way and that holy nudge gets put on the backburner.

For several years now, the issues around immigration have been building. I’ll attend a workshop, hear a speaker, read a news article, or see something on Facebook and I get a nudge from the Holy Spirit to do something. Sometimes I don’t act because I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I start to act and, unfortunately, I get distracted with something else. I wonder if your heart has broken for those along the border and for those separated from their families? I wonder if God has nudged you to do something, but like me, you’ve been distracted.

On Sunday, February 9, I invite you to follow the nudge from the Holy Spirit and join me at the Immigration Summit designed and sponsored by the North Texas Conference. At this conference, Bishop Michael McKee will speak and then we’ll be invited to breakout sessions designed to equip us to take humanitarian and legislative action.

As we’ve explored in our worship series, “2020 Vision,” there are oftentimes God sees the world quite differently than we do. God sees a world of abundance when we too often see scarcity. God sees the church as an instrument to help the world look a little more like the Kingdom of God while we are often too timid to see the church as an instrument of social change. This past week we explored the idea that God sees our spiritual gifts and knows we can do something great for the Kingdom of God while we too often think of ourselves as not gifted enough to make a difference.

My hope as we attend the Immigration Summit is that we will see the issue of immigration not through a blue or red lens, but through the lens of the Gospel. Perhaps if we can start learning more about these issues, we’ll also have a clearer vision of what God is calling us to do as individuals and possibly even as a church. Perhaps we’ll know how to respond to the holy nudge for us to do something about immigration.

I hope you’ll join me on Sunday. Those wanting to carpool to Lovers Lane UMC in Dallas need to meet at Vista Ridge UMC by 2:15 p.m. Email [email protected] with your interest. Register for free as an individual and select your breakout sessions.