A Word from Pastor Clay | October 30, 2019

PastorPastor's Blog


Why do you believe what you believe? Who taught you to love like Jesus? My guess is that each one of us can point to a person, a group of people, and a church community (if not several!) that have shaped us into the people we are today. This Sunday, we will honor the saints that have gone before us and the legacy they left behind.

My prayer is that for generations to come, Christians will be able to point to the people and ministries of Vista Ridge UMC as catalysts in their faith journey. Your financial generosity is crucial for helping VRUMC prepare for the next generation of ministry for at least two reasons.

1) Our church will flourish when we all practice generosity in the spiritual disciples (prayer, reading scripture, hospitality, serving, and giving). If we focus on being generous in every aspect of our lives, including financial stewardship, then we will shine the light of Christ and make a difference in our community. The focus won’t be on ourselves, but it will be on God and others.

2) Your intentional generosity toward the church, expressed in a financial commitment for 2020, helps our church plan for this next year. Since becoming your pastor, I’ve heard so many of you share your hopes and dreams for our church. I’m excited to explore the possibilities with you and I think our church is in a good position to move into the next generation of ministry. The great news is that God has blessed our congregation both with a vision and with the resources to meet that vision. The next step, a big step admittedly, is working to become a tithing congregation so that we can meet those goals. If our congregation tithed, in theory, we’d have around a $1.5 million budget!* That’s more than double our current budget! Can you imagine the powerful and creative ministry we could lead in the community?!

I would encourage you to check out the newsletter that was sent last week (or read it here). In it, there is a chart to help you think through percentage giving. Just as in all aspects of our faith journey, we hope to take bigger steps of faith each year. Perhaps this is a year that you take a step forward in giving as you pray through and celebrate all the ways God is moving in VRUMC.

Use this link to complete your 2020 commitment card with your estimate of giving.

*The median household income for Lewisville is $60k a year. Flower Mound is $128k, and Coppell is $119k. Roughly a third of our congregation comes from each town, making the average household income for members of our congregation roughly $102,333 per year. If 150 families tithed based on these numbers, we’d have a $1.5 million budget.