A Word From Pastor Clay | November 6, 2019

PastorPastor's Blog


How often do you feel overwhelmed? Know anyone else who is overwhelmed? Whether it is with work, school, family, finances, or health, life can seem to pile up and make us feel overwhelmed.

At the start of this week, my calendar and my to-do list felt pretty overwhelming. They didn’t seem to line up and it felt as though there was no way for me to live into all my commitments while also accomplishing all I needed to do. I was overwhelmed. Fortunately, there was some flexibility with some of the commitments and I simply (sometimes it’s not so simple) had to acknowledge I couldn’t do it all. I canceled several events and suddenly, I wasn’t as overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, we can’t always hit the “delete” button on our calendar to feel relief. There’s a lot that can overwhelm and consume us. Fortunately, God gives us ways to overcome being overwhelmed. As we prepare for the holidays, let’s walk with the Holy Spirit to recognize, recharge, and revamp so that God can help us overcome being overwhelmed.

As we prepare for our upcoming worship series, I invite you to do two things:

  1. Invite someone to attend this series with you. There’s a good chance someone you know, maybe even someone you love, is feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. Your invitation could be a HUGE blessing to them!
  2. Download the YouVersion Bible app. Throughout this series, we’ll be placing the sermon outline in the Bible app. You’ll be able to follow along with the sermon and take notes. There will also be links to prayer practices, discussion/journal questions, action steps, and other resources to help you lean on God to overcome being overwhelmed.