A Word from Pastor Clay | July 31, 2019

PastorPastor's Blog


Why do you follow Jesus? If you’re new to the faith, then perhaps you have an answer. If you’ve grown up in the church or been a Christian for many years, there’s a chance the answer isn’t on the tip of your tongue. We spend so much time in the church talking about the “how” and the “what” of Christianity, that we sometimes forget to answer the crucial question, “Why Jesus?”

Simon Sinek is the author of Start with Why and in it, he discusses what he calls the “Golden Circle.” The most successful and innovative companies including, Apple and Southwest Airlines, know their “Why” and it defines what they do and how they do it. Check out his Ted Talk.

It’s crucial for us as Christians to know our “Why.” Over the next three weeks in worship, we will start with “Why.” Why Jesus? Why Church? Why Vista Ridge United Methodist Church? Let’s wrestle with these questions to land at answers that compel us forward in our faith.

PS – This is a great worship series for friends and family who have doubts, frustrations, and questions about Christianity. Lead them into the conversation by inviting them to worship or sharing the podcast with them later.