A Word from Pastor Clay | July 17, 2019

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Live Passionately

Why walk down a hall if you can run? Why talk when you can shout? Why limit the size of your bite with a fork when you can get so much more food in your mouth by using your whole hand?

I envy the passion that my 6- and 7-year-old children have for all aspects of life. While it makes life busy, loud, and messy most of the time, I hope my children can always live passionately. Young children are “all in” in just about every aspect of life and they seem to soak up every moment.

As adults, we find ourselves less enthusiastic about life sometimes. Jobs, mortgages, relationships, sickness, death, debt, taxes…AHHHHHH. They seem to suck the life out of us sometimes. Of course my 6-year-old can be passionate about bugs or a leaf, he doesn’t have to deal with taxes or an AC on the fritz. But on the other hand, 6-year-olds have plenty to worry about (learning all the social norms, rules, and manners such as not running, shouting, and shoving food in their mouth). So maybe it’s not the lack of problems for 6-year-olds, maybe it’s their ability to be fully present in the moment that allows them to live passionately. My son is passionate about life because he lives life as if he is “all in” wherever he is.

How many times do you not live passionately because you aren’t fully present, because you aren’t all in? I know I’ve missed important moments at the dinner table with my kids not because I’m not there physically, but because I’m not there mentally.

Christ came in the flesh to be present with humanity. And Christ wasn’t just present with humanity, he was all in, fully present. The cross reminds us just how fully in Christ was.

This summer, can we follow Christ’s example and be fully present? If we start to be present, then we start to live passionately. When I am present in the moment, I live passionately for my wife, my kids, my neighbor, this world, and for Christ.

Living passionately doesn’t mean taking life to the extreme, it just means learning to be fully present and to soak up life. In our short time on this earth, if we just live, then we simply exist. Or, we can choose to be all in, to be fully present, and to live passionately. God gives us the innate ability to be all in. Let’s not waste that gift.