A Word from Pastor Clay | August 5, 2019

PastorPastor's Blog


What’s God up to in our neighborhood? That’s one of my favorite questions to ask. It reminds me that God is the initial mover and my responsibility is to not lead the charge but to get in step with the Holy Spirit. God was in our meeting with Principal Patrick Guy at Rockbrook Elementary last week. Vista Ridge UMC has supported the teachers and students at Rockbrook for seven years. We discussed ways the partnership could continue and improve under the new principal’s leadership. It was a joy to watch the leaders of this ministry establish a relationship with him.

Toward the end of an extremely productive meeting, Bill Burden, who leads the charge with this ministry, pulled out a picture of a children’s bookcase and asked if any teacher could use it. Just that morning, a member called the church and offered to donate it. Principal Guy laughed and pulled one of three small sticky notes from the top of his desk. He handed it to Martha Chiles, our Rockbrook coordinator, and asked her to read it. The note, from one of his new teachers, said she needed an additional bookcase. He happily stuck the note on top of the picture and said, “Ask and you will receive.”

God is at work in our neighborhood, our schools, our church, and the community. When we’re open to the workings of the Holy Spirit, we are moved to be generous and we find ourselves in the right place at the right time to meet the needs of those around us.