Pastor Mary Beth’s Musings: May 17, 2018

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Graduate Recognition Sunday

This Sunday, we will celMary Beth Hardesty-Crouchebrate with the Senior Class of 2018 as they graduate from high school. These 11 young adults are remarkable for several different reasons. Several of them have been at VRUMC since they were babies. Almost all of them went through confirmation class together as sixth graders. They represent several different high schools and are going many different directions in the next year.

But what has most caught my attention as I’ve watched these young men and women for the past eight years is how committed they are to Jesus and to their church. Despite the busyness of life for 16-, 17- and 18-year-olds, who usually have cars, jobs, sports, and friends in addition to school, these 11 have remained committed and active participants in ministry through Vista Ridge. They regularly participate in the praise team and chamber winds, Sunday School, youth group and mission work. Not only do they participate—they lead!

I want to remind you, however, that these 11 young women and men are who they are because of you. You have been walking with these young people: teaching them in Sunday School, singing VBS songs with them, playing music with them, listening to them, celebrating with them, crying with them, teaching them to build porches, dancing with them, and praying for them. As their pastor and your pastor, I thank you for that. You’ve made a difference in their lives and in our world.

The Senior Class of 2018 will lead us in worship this Sunday. You will be blessed by their faith, their joy and their witness.

Heather Elrod
Macy Kunke
Lindsey Holland
Savannah McCaskill
Michael Mylar
Allison Oropeza
Kaylee Packer
Jordan Perkins
Mary Elizabeth Sander
Bradley Sykes
Joseph Wright

I’m praying for you. I hope you’re praying for me.

Glory to God!
Pastor Mary Beth